WEBSTER'S PAGES Win the Whole Collection!!!!!!!

 What can we say? We're excited around here. And even MORE excited than usual because today we're doing something crazy. And by crazy I mean...REALLY, REALLY FUN! 

Like sharing a little more of Palm Beach with you...


And we are going to have ONE LUCKY READER the chance to win this entire collection. The whole shebang!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. In the comments, tell us your favorite thing so far in any of the Webster's Pages' NEW RELEASE. Comment here --> Webster's Post

2. For up to 3 additional entries, Facebook, Blog or Tweet about our new lines & link to Webster's Post! (Make sure you come back here and leave another comment for each one you do!)

3. EXTRA BONUS ENTRY! Make ANY of our new collection images your Facebook profile picture, you get a special BONUS entry! (Again, come back here & let us know!)

Come on...it's your chance to win!!!

And you're going to love these too............

Aren't these gorgeous or what!?!? 
Oh, I'm in love............... 

So GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep your eyes opened because there will be more coming! :D

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Kréations Karo said...

wow!! this is amazing!! i love all the embellishments !!! thers beatiful !!