Bo Bunny Serenity Collection (and a very special one)

Hi everyone!!! I am so excited to share this collection with you! This is not only a Japanese style but one of the paper was named after me!!! And even the embellishments has my name on them too!! It's in Kanji "智")When I saw the sneak peeks in early January, I didn't realize because I was just too excited to see the lines, I didn't read all the descriptions.... lol I realized this 2 days ago!!! And I was flipping like a dolphin!!! Thank you so much Bo Bunny for this super beautiful collection! I can't wait to see them in real life!! 

You can see the whole line here --> Bo Bunny Website

今日は新しく発売されるBo Bunnyのコレクション【Serenity】のご紹介です!!!

実は名前がついてることに気が付いたのは一昨日だったんです。先に1月初旬に新作を見てたのですが、詳細は最初の部分しか読まず、画像ばっかり見てたものだから全く気づかなかったんです(^^;)ずっとBo Bunnyから「見た?見た?」って言われてたものの、詳細を読んでなかったので、普通に「見たよ〜!」って答えてました(^^;)

だから、一昨日自分の名前がついてることに気が付いたときは本当に驚きで、ひっくり返りそうでした(>_<)嬉しくて、嬉しくて・・・、本当に感動しました。Bo Bunny、本当にありがとうございます!!!!



Trace said...

Well that does it for me - going to have to buy some of YOUR paper ;-) (would have loved to see you flipping like a dolphin lol)

Jolanda said...

Wow Tomoko,you have your own paper,that's so so cool!!!And I never use Bo Bunny,but I think this line screams buy me....so when they are for sell over here...I sure will.I love red,amazing line!!!Have a nice day sweet scrappy friend!!x

Holly in Japan said...

Oh Tomoko, how cool is that! Its a beautiful paper too! How exciting for you. And this entire line is just gorgeous! Will have to get some!

Karola Witczak said...

Oh my, sweet Tomoko, what amazing is that! So excited!!!

Keri said...

How lovely and what a WONDERFUL surprise for you...and well-deserved too, Tomoko! :)

Patty O'Malley said...

Congratulations to you! What a well-deserved honor!

Tomoko said...

Thank you so much ladies!! I can't wait to scrap with these beautiful papers too!! xoxoxo

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