DT work for Подари кусочек счастья

Hello:o) New challenge is up at Подари кусочек счастья.
This time's challenge would be to make something based on the sketch below. 
Подари кусочек счастьяで新しいチャレンジがアップされました(*^_^*)今回のお題はこちらのスケッチを元に作品を作ることです! 

I made this birthday card for Mitsue. She makes the most AMAZING digi creations I have ever seen!!!! I'm so honored to be on the same Webster's team:o) You can visit her blog here.

Happy Birthday, Mitsue!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!!!


Trace said...

What a beautiful card Tomoko - your friend will treasure it.

Mitsue Iwata said...

Tomoko-san, thanks so much for the beautiful card!!!!!!!! I am so lucky to get to know you thru Webster's DT! Wow! It means a lot for me, especially living abroad from Japan (we live in US temporarily due to my husband's business). I really appreciate your kindness *hug*hug*hug* これからもよろしくお願い致します♪

jaz lee said...

Tomoko-san!! Thank you for coming by my blog and always leaving so much for me to bring and smiel along for the rest of the week ;)

Your BLOG is SOOOOO GORGEOUSSS!!!! Tomoko, you are good with both papers and dig!! envy envy!

and your album is SWEET! love the baby pics of nanami and your details are just so soft and pretty!