Digital Scrapbook

I have been so inspired by our Wester's design team member, Mitsue:o) Her digital work is just outstanding!!!! And since, there are so many beautiful digital supplies from Webster's, it made me want to make a digital layout!!! So here's what I made:o) 
こんばんは☆Webster's PagesのDTメンバーであるMitsueさんからインスピレーションを受けて、デジタル作品に挑戦してみました!!!Webster's Pagesではたくさんの綺麗なデジタル素材があるので、せっかくだから慣れたいな(^^)♪まだまだ始めたばかりでぜんぜん大した作品作れませんが、一応出来上がったものがこちらです(^_^;)


Okay, I just stared, so go easy on me!! lol 
But, this is starting to be fun!! hehe

**Supplies Used**
Webster's Pages Country Estate Digital Supplies, Lily Design Wedding Collection

You sure have to try out Webster's Digi!!!! Even I'm hooked!!!!! ( I'm telling you, I'm not a digi person!!! lol) It would be lots of fun! :oD

Thanks for dropping by!!!


Keri said...

This looks FLAWLESS, Tomoko!!!
No way I could tell this was your 1st digital page, WOW!
Love the combo of Webster's with that gorgeous Lily collection...I love it!

Trace said...

Beautiful Tomoko.

Holly in Japan said...

Tomoko, its beauuuutiful! You make gorgeous pages both ways. Wow!

Synnøve said...

Looks great! Love the photo, gorgeous!
Have a great week,

Patty O'Malley said...

You did a fabulous job! You have a wonderful eye for detail!

Mitsue Iwata said...

So beautiful! Love to see more!

Jona Panesa said...

wow, even in digi your page is full of texture!!! loved it. gotta try WP digi. I miss doing digi stuff.