Using A Heartful Picture

"Always So Heartful"

Hi everyone!!
This is my new layout. I made it with Graphic 45 again. haha. I really love how their papers look so vintage.
The picture in my layout is the same as the one used for the header. My favorite picture!
This is a picture I took when me and my daughter went to see cosmoses. I took this when we were in the train going home. In my daughter's hands are flowers we picked for grandma & grandpa.

今回もまたGraphic 45でLOを作りました!!!ヴィンテージ感がとても良いですね^^☆

Maybe I did too much on this layout, right?


Oh well, I think its okay. hahaha

As a reminder, Iris's charity kit is due tomorrow! People who want to buy, please mail me to ponyo0315@gmail.com!!
For people in Japan only(Other than Japan, please mail to Iris from her blog)



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Designed for "No Scrap, No Life".


Lynn said...

Hi Tomoko!!
Love this layout of yours!!
Can't believe you started scrapbooking only this year?!!
You must have some artistic or designer background, either that or you simply have a flair for creating beautiful layouts!!
I'm linking you in my blog too!!
Thanks for dropping by!

Lynn :)

Tomoko said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your sweet comment. Yeah, I stared scrapbook this year! It's SO fun!!! It's my first time in YEARS to find a hobby I really like!!! I don't have a background of anything, but I used to like drawing pictures and making something out of beads. I just love to create something!

jaz lee said...

Hi Tomoko,
I am so glad to see you at my blog. i am so honoured. and definitely surprising that you have just started scrapbooking??? wow! you certainly is talented . your work is fabulous, what I see at inspireMe and here at yr blog is amazing!!! Thank you too, for the inspiration ;)

btw, my girlfriend is from Japan too (residing in Singapore) and she has just started scrapbooking last month ;)
Thanks again for your lovely words and all.-jaz

Tomoko said...

Hi Jaz!
Thanks for your comment!! I really appreciate it.
Your works are really inspiring! I especially love the altered project you made in November's challenge!!REALLY stunning!!
I'll drop by again!!!

I've never been to Singapore before! But, it sounds like it's a really nice place. Want to visit sometime!

Iris Uy said...

what do you mean you think you did too much?? It's perfect!! Love love love it. The design is beautiful.

Tomoko said...

Iris!! Great to see you at my blog!!! And thanks for your sweet comment!! I love your layouts too. Always SOOOOOOO beautiful! Your children are beautiful too!!! How do you always get your inspiration? I wonder....