Webster's Pages


This is my first time to use "Webster's Pages"papers. Since Iris Babao Uy's layouts were SO wonderful, it made me want to make layouts from this maker!!! It was pretty easy to make an layout, and also the pictures of the papers are so sensitive and beautiful. I love them!!!

今回初めて、Webster's Pageに挑戦してみましたぁ^^以前から可愛いなぁと思ってましたが、Iris Babao Uyさんの作品を見て作ってみたくなりました(笑)けっこう作りやすかったし、絵柄とかすっごく細かくて素敵です!!!

Yes, again I used a picture when we sent to see cosmoses!!! I haven't taken pictures these days. But still, this is one of my favorite picture and I thought this would come good with the paper.


I made some parts pop up. There is a nest by the chandelier. It's too small, you can't tell right?


Very fun! I enjoyed making this layout.

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