Sumer at the Seaside....

I am so excited to show you my latest minibook using the Summer at the Seaside Collection from The Scrap Cake. I have been working on this minibook for quite a while. I was finished with my front cover few months ago, but was just waiting for some perfect photos to put inside. Finally, we went to the beach the other day and was so excited to finish what I started! Every year, it is so fun to scrap my beach photos:)

This was so fun to work with, with all the cute designs to cut out. I enjoyed all the bright colors too. 
I used a clear sand castle miibook from Clear Scraps, and embellished it with all the cute papers and tags form the Summer at the Seaside collection. I also used some mixed media to add more texture to my book. 

今日は、The Scrap Cakeの【Summer at the Seaside】コレクションを使ったミニブックをご紹介させて下さい!


だけど、このミニブックを作ろう!って決めたときからわくわくしながら、いろいろ想像しながら作りました☆何日も仕上げるのにかかってしまったけど、とっても楽しかったです(*^▽^*)土台はClear Scrapsのサンドキャッセル型のミニブックを使用しました♪

写真は先日お友達と海行った時のものです。子供たちは大はしゃぎヽ(=´▽`=)ノ大人はついていけない〜〜(*´Д`*;;;)状態でした(; ̄▽ ̄A 


Here are some close ups on the texture.

And this is how the inside pages looks like:)

The pink gorgeous flower is handmade by Yumi. She's in the photo in this minibook:)

The blue flower is also made by Yumi! Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers!

It took me some time to finish this book but I love how it turned out, and am so happy I am able to store my summer photos in this cute castle book:)
Hope you enjoyed seeing the pages I put together:) 



Thank you so much for taking a peek of my blog;) xoxo
今日もご訪問いただき、ありがとうございます★ xoxo


Slavik said...

Amasing album!!! I love it!♥

Oliwiaen said...

Tomoko, this is a fabulous album! I would never think of giving those papers such a nice look! Great job!

Ria said...

Oh, dear! Such an amazing and full with texture album!! I'm sure you had so much fun doing it.
Love it. :)))

Patty O'Malley said...

Wow, Tomoko! You have created another wonderful treasure. Love it!

Monika Costa Lima said...

Tomoko, what a wonderful album ! I loved the castle idea and the details are just incredibly beautiful :))

sixofone aka Leah said...

This is a fantastic album. So beautifully put together