Inori Final Sell

Hello. First of all, I would like to apologize that it has been so long for me to prepare for the final sell for Inori, and thank you so much again to all of you who have donated all your beautiful projects and to everyone who has participated for the sells. We appreciate your kindness so much and I am happy that we are able to help Japan.  We will be holding the final sell for Inori.

Please let me introduce the wonderful scrappers who will be participating for the final sell very soon.



  • Michelle Grant (www.michellejpg.typepad.com)
  • Jona Panesa
  • Jaime Lee
  • Anastasiya Mavik (Stusha)
  • Florence Aublin
  • Elaine A Teo
  • Emilia van den Heuvel (http://few-favourite-things.blogspot.com/)
  • Olga Kaplina
  • F.M. Chang
  • Olbsa Omypoba (tendertriflies.blogspot.com)
  • Ira Yefremova (http://www.otkrutki.blogspot.jp/)
  • Doris Eudenbach-Shuster 
  • Maricel Kustora (scrapshopping.wordpress.com)
  • Amelia Khelile (http://www.babyblu.blogspot.com/)
  • lipoさん
  • ともっちさん
  • mai*さん
  • Yukaさん
  • あくび(maiko)さん
  • 迷子さん
  • Asuka(まちゅ♪)
  • Tomoko



*** There were some people that had no name on the envelope nor the projects. Please let me know if those of you who see your projects but have no name on the list. I will be glad to add you:)

Thank you so much again!!! I will be updating the total amount that were donated to the Red Cross after the final sell. Please come and check again!

with many love,
高橋智子(Tomoko Takahashi)

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