MCS March Limited Edition Kit Reveal

It's time for that time again! Yes, it's the reveal of My Creative Scrapbook's March Limited Edition Kit!! 
I am sure you will love this kit!! (Truly, I think this is my most favorite kit since I became their DT!! but of course, I love all kits;)) The papers and chipboards are mainly "Follow You Heart Collection" from My Minds Eye. I love all the colors, colors, colors and the shabby chic look from their collection. I also loved the tiny tots from Prima:) It is so cute when you put them in between flowers:)

今月のMy Creative Scrapbook Limited Edition Kitのご紹介です!
もう今月のキット、大好きーーーーー!!!(正直、こんなこと言っちゃダメかもしれませんが、今までのMCSのキットの中で一番好きです(= ̄∇ ̄=) )
やっぱり私はシャビーシックの中でも、このように明るい色合いのシャビーが好きなんだと思います(*'-'*)今回のLEキットはMy Minds EyeのFollow Your Heartコレクションがメインに入っています☆チップボード、ステッカー、ボタンも同じコレクションのものが含まれています♪
フラワーはPrimaです。特に下画像の中央に写っている虹色の小さいフラワー(Tiny Tots)がとっても使いやすかったです(*^_^*)フラワーとフラワーの間に入れるととっても可愛いですね♪

This is my first layout, and one of my recent favorites:) You can see that I put lots of layers in this page. I also used so many chipboards from the Follow Your Heart collection too.

最近の中でお気に入りです♪縦にたくさんの細いペーパーでレイヤーを作りました。Follow your Heartのチップボードやボタンもたくさん使用しています♪


As you can see, I sprayed lots of mist on my page. I used Maya Road Metallic mist (Gunmetal). What I love about the MR metallic mists are that they really shine after drying them up!! (it's a little hard to tell from the pics, but they have that silver look on the blots) They are perfect in coloring chipboards too! (except if you use gunmetal on chipboards it will mostly look like silver! lol)

こちらのページには、Maya Roadのメタリックミスト(Gunmetal)を使用しました。こちらのミストは、最初はオリーブみたいな色だったのが乾くとシルバーにもなって、すっごく輝きます♪ShimmerzやTattered Angelsと違って、かなり濃いです。なので、チップボードの着色もこれ1本でできます♪(但し、Gunmetalを使用すると、ほとんどシルバーになります(^^;))

And, this is my second layout... for my dear friend Bellaidea:)
Bellaidea also made a beautiful page using my daughter's photo. Thank you so much for being such a sweet person. I hope you like my layout:) And thank you so much for letting me use your precious photo of your lovely daughter!!


I added some texture paste to some parts of this page, and detailed them to look like sand.


And this is my last layout. I made this one simple:) I love very complicated layouts, but I also love simple and white spaced layouts too. This is a photo of my daughter when she was 2 years old playing hide and seek. I finally had the chance to crop this cute photo of her:D


This is my last sample, a minibook made for my senior co-worker (I resigned almost 4 years ago after pregnancy) . She just got married and this was a present for her:) I can't show you the inside of the book, but there are photos of co-workers and her husband inside:) I hope she liked it:)


There will be an easy tutorial on how I build up the cover of this book on My Creative Scrapbook blog (I think it will be in the middle of this month), so you can check it out here --> My Creative Scrapbook Blog

Thank you so much for dropping by and have a lovely day!

また今月半ばくらいに、表紙の作り方を簡単にMy Creative Scrapbookのブログで紹介される予定です☆興味ある方はまた後日こちらをチェックしてみてくださいね♪



Jolaine Frias said...

All stunning Tomoko! Your work is very inspiring!!!!!!

Bellaidea said...

Dear Tomoko, you know I love AND admire your work!
All pages are stunning!
I have to admit I love the one with my gils so much!!!
Thank you so much and I`m going to show it to her right now:) I know she will love it too!

Patty O'Malley said...

Gorgeous projects, Tomoko! I am sure your co-worker with treasure the beautiful album you made for her.

Yuka Hino said...


Beckie said...

Your pages are stunning, just beautiful. Love you work!!

langeatheart said...

Your work is always so stunning I am in awe of your talent. I love your backgrounds! I have been trying to mask and mist like you but with no luck yet. Perhaps one day you could do a tutorial on how you make your backgrounds so lovely! Thank-you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hi Tomoko,

Thank you so much for your visit on my blog! I really love your work and you did an amazing job on Bellaidea's daughter. Beautiful work everywhere on your blog.

Take care and regards to you and your family!!


Robin Shakoor said...

What gorgeous projects! Your works is always amazing.