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Hi there!! I received some questions on My Novel Tree, so here are some questions answered for you:) Don't forget, if you become a founding member now, you will receive a free gift and 20% discount for every purchase for the rest of your life!! Now how good is that? ;) 

You can find more information here --> Become a Funding Member

  • After becoming a founding member, when can they personalize their photobooks? Brandin: 2-3 weeks from today.
  • When clicking on Pocketbooks and Scrapbook pages, it shows there are no records. Are people able to pre-order them now? Brandin: They will be up in a few days for PocketBooks & 1 week for scrapbooks.
  • Are personalizing photobooks easy? Brandin: yes. we have an autofill button that will load all the photos in the book for you. We've tried making it as intuitive as possible.
  • After becoming a founding member now, when will they receive the books? Brandin: we will ship within a week of going live.
  • About how much will the shipping cost be? Brandin: the weight is under 2 lbs so they can use first class mail as the least expensive.
  • Is it possible to become a founding member now? Brandin: Yes!!!!


In Japanese: 
皆さん、こんばんは!Websterの新しいフォトブック、My Novel Treeについていくつかご質問をいただきましたので、詳細をお知らせ致します(*^_^*)

My Novel Treeには3種類の商品があります。 
  1. フォトブック 
  2. ポケットブック(フォトブック+ポケットがついてます) 
  3. レイアウト(テンプレートを元にレイアウトを作り、プリントアウトできます) 
Founding Members Clubとは? 

Founding Members Clubに入会すると何がもらえる? 
・全てのMy Novel Tree商品のディスカウント(今後先ずっとです!) 
・今後先ずっとMy Novel Treeを注文するときは20%OFFになります! 


Q & A
 Brandin: 今日から2〜3週間でアレンジできます。

 Brandin: ポケットブックは数日でアップ予定です!スクラップブックは1週間でアップされます。

 Brandin: はい。クリックで自動的に写真は配置されます。なるべく簡単にアレンジできるように試行錯誤をしてます。

 Brandin: 今はまだ仮注文なので、My Novel Treeが稼働開始から1週間ほどでお送りします。

 Brandin: ブック1冊が約1キロなので、一番安いファーストクラスメールでお送りできます。

 Brandin: はい!!


Become a founding member now, and store your precious memories in a beautiful way!!! 
Thank you so much for dropping by!!


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