Esprit Scrapbooking Magazine - Coupe de Coeur

I am so excited to share this with you....... 

I was introduced as a featured artist for a French magazine.... Esprit Scrapbooking (No23)
Here are some sneaks of my page.

なんとすっごく嬉しいことに、フランスの雑誌である【Esprit Scrapbooking】から私の特集を組みたいという依頼がありました(*^▽^*)(No23)そして、掲載された雑誌がこちらです☆(sneakを紹介してもいいと許可をいただきましたので、中身をちらっとご紹介させていただきます(*^_^*)表紙はあのchelseaさんですよ〜♪♪♪

And here are the layouts I made for this magazine....

Thank you so much Béatrice for this exciting article!!!!!! You have one of the most beautiful magazine I've seen!!!!!! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :)


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Huge congrats! Your work is simply DIVINE! No other word for it. Well done.

Maiko Kosugi (mai*) said...


scrappylikethat said...

Such amazing work! Congratulations on your feature...you definitely deserve it!

Andrea said...

Wow - so great! Congrats! Your work is so wonderful - I love all of it!
Big hug

shire said...

congratulations!!! your pages are beautiful

Patty O'Malley said...

Congrats on the publication, Tomoko! So well deserved! Your layouts are stunning Love the pearls between the pennants on the banner.

Brendaxx said...

Congratulations on your publication!! Your work is so beautiful, I love it all:)

Trace said...

Congratulations Tomoko - once again I'm not suprised, your work is outstanding.

Tomoko, I hope you don't mind, but as a challenge (for my lss) we were asked to scraplift our favourite designer and I chose you. Here is a link to the layout that I did http://milotui.blogspot.com/2011/10/happy-birthday-lyall.html

Tomoko said...

Thank you, thank you ladies!!!! <3
I appreciate the blog love so much!!!!!! xoxo


Thank you so much for scrap lifting my work!! I just left you a comment on your blog:) xoxo

Unknown said...

Congrats, sweetie! I have the mag here in front of me...lol....and I saw you there! Your work is outstanding and very, very beautiful! Hugs ~Gerry~

Robin Shakoor said...

Congratulations! This is so well deserved. The pages you created are beyond beautiful my friend.