Bo Bunny's New Collection Welcome Home!!


What do you think about the new collections from Bo Bunny!?

What about this collection?

What's your favorite product?

Does it get you all nostalgic? How about the colors?

Leave a comment about it to Bo Bunny's blog -------->HERE, and be entered to win this fabulous collection!!!!!!!

Winners will be announced July 13th:)


Angela said...

Oh I love this! I love these color combinations and the details are sweet. I am so glad that green is making a comeback! I love green and brown combined, pairing it with the blue makes it perfect.

Lindy said...

I love this!!!!! I love the color combos!

Tomoko said...

I know!! So pretty!! Don't forget to leave your comments in Bo Bunny's blog too;) wink*

Bellaidea said...

My fav colors combo, I want them all! :)

Holly in Japan said...

I love this one too. I can decide which BB is my fave. I love how they are making so many coordinating elements now - stamps, accents, everything! I love these metal accents, so vintage and pretty.

LISA said...

Oh my..I think I love this collection most of all. The colors are so yummy!! I cant wait until i can play with this whole collection!!