TCR#42- Style Swap!!!!!!!

Hi!!! This week at TCR is a little different then usual. 
This time we, DT members had a style swap with each other:o) I was so honored to be able to swap Heidi Kelly's!! Her work is truly gorgeous!!! Just a little introduction of Heidi before I show you what I made:o)
今週のThe Color Roomがアップされましたね(*^_^*)今週はちょっといつもと変わって、DT同士でスタイルをそれぞれ交換してみました☆つまり他のDTさんのスタイルを真似っこするということです!!とーーーっても刺激を受けて楽しかったです!!!
私が真似したスタイルはHeidi Kellyのです☆まずはちょっとご紹介を(*^_^*)

Here are some of her works!! Aren't these beautiful???? I just love the way she uses beautiful texture on her layouts.

 Who me?

You can visit her blog here!!

Okay, do you want to see what I made with her style now??? ;oD
では、私の作品を見たいですか??キラッ ( = ̄+∇ ̄=)v

But before I do, I would like to show you what Emma did with mine!!! 

A Natural Sam

OMG, I was about to faint when I saw this layout!!! This is absolutely my style right? :oD And she did a FANTASTIC job!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! And even more gorgeous than mine!!!!!! 
私のスタイルで、こーーーんなに素敵なレイアウトを作ってくれたEmmaです!!!すっげーーーーー!!!私のより遙かに素敵になってます!!本当に光栄です。゜゚(>ヘ<)゚ ゜ありがとう!!

You can visit her blog here:o)

Thank you so much, Heidi and Emma!!! You ladies are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, lastly with my layout:) Hope Heidi likes it as much as I do!!

Here's this week's color palette!!!

Now it's your turn!!!! YEP, that's you:o) 
Just style swap someone you love and post it to The Color Room. Of corse it's optional but will love to see it!!!! Hope you all have fun!!!!!



Lydell Quin said...

Totally Gorgeous Tomoko!!!! It was so much fun!!!!

Tanya Batrak said...

Very very veeeeery beautiful page!!! What an interesting idea to swap styles =)

Em said...

Tomoko, I am so glad you like my layout.I LOVE your work so much!

Hey....CONGRATULATIONS! You totally deserve your new dt position :) x

Heidi Kelley said...

Oh, Tomoko. I am speechless, that was an absolute masterpiece that you created, and to say that you were swapping my style - what an absolute honor to be a part of the inspiration for that. BEAUTIFUL!! And congrats girl on the WP DT!!

jaz lee said...

One stunning page there from you!! When i first saw it at tcr i was like "OMG!!!!!!! So beautiful that no words could describe!" you injected some of your own signature style into the page and make it yours! Love it!