Подари кусочек счастья DT Work & Some Photos:oD

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for your sweet emails and comments on my last post. I hope to inspire you with my creations throughout the year:o) Thank you so much!!!!!!! BIG hugs to all of you!!! xoxo

Подари кусочек счастья was up yesterday. This time is another color challenge:o) You need to use one color with b/w. 
Wow, I don't believe this was the first kind of challenge for me!! And it was quite difficult since I usually use lots of colors!!! lol
さて、昨日はウクライナのチャレンジサイト【Подари кусочек счастья】で新しいチャレンジがアップされました(^^)(未だに読めない私でございますw)今回のチャレンジ内容は【白黒に1色使う事】です☆普段たくさん色を使うので、以外と難しかったです(笑)本当は今回のチャレンジに参加するつもりなかったのですが、前日(時差があるので当日)作ってほしいと言われ、焦って作りました(^_^;)

Here's my take on this challenge:o) I made a Valentines card with these colors.
こちらです☆ バレンタインカードです♪(でも、ウェディングカードにも使えるかな(^^))

I'm looking forward to see your projects at Подари кусочек счастья!!! 

Now, some photos to share:o) We went to an aquarium a few days ago and here are some pics with me and Nanami. Just look at her face on the 2nd pic!!!! lol

Okay, that's it for today!! hope you all have a great week!!!!


CK Chai said...

very gorgeous card!!!

Iryna said...

Hijō ni utsukushii, ereganto de hikaemena kādo! Anata no shigoto o itadaki, arigatōgozaimasu.
Anatatachi wa hijō ni shashin ni kawaii yo!
Yoroshiku, Iryna