Creative Scrappers #137

I'm updating my blog almost everyday:o) lol
I've been making so many layouts these couple of months:oP Sometimes I get o sleepy in the afternoon for creating in the middle of the night everyday!! zzzz
Okay, onto Creative Scrappers #137:o) Here's this week's sketch.
本当、ここ数ヶ月ほとんど毎晩何かを作ってる気がします。いつも3時くらいまで(^_^;)たまに4時まで(汗)よく昼間眠たくなって。。。zzzzzzzzでもおかげさまで、1作品仕上げるペースがかなり速くなってると思います!!(笑)1日1作品作ってます!!!\( ̄ー ̄;)ひっひっ!今も肩こりがひどいひどい(   ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ▽   ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄   )

さて、無駄話は置いといて~~-v(* ̄・ ̄)。。 
Creative Scrappers #137がアップされました〜☆今週のスケッチはこちらです↓↓↓

Here's my take on this sketch:o) 
I know................... It's hardly the same from the sketch, right? I played too much again!! lol!!
そして、私の作品がこちら♪( ̄▽+ ̄*)
スケッチとぜんぜん違う?ww確かに遊びすぎました!!!∑(; ̄□ ̄A


I put some crackle paint with acrylic for the background. Looks like sand? :oD

I love these aquatique (Is this the right word?:o)) colors. The turquoises and kiwi yellows. Yum-yum!!!! 
このアクアチックな色合い、大好きです!!!ターコイズに黄緑や黄色(*^▽^*)フレッシュな感じ☆(* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ

また、楽しんでつくることができました☆あと、Creative Scrappersは2回で終わりの予定です!残り2作品、頑張って作りたいと思います☆

Thanks for dropping by!!


Tina Connolly said...

Very beautiful. I love your work. (I also have the same problem with staying up late creating!)

jaz lee said...

Hello tomoko my love, lol

hey there i saw this at inspireme and lurvee it! i always like the way you played with the backgrounds of your layout projects and time with paint is so interesting! and then you layered with the soft netting!Just gorgeous!

beautiful inspirations and hope to see more in 2011!!!

Jolanda said...

Wow Tomoko,this is so wonderful!!!
Amzing job,beautiful details!!!
Have a good 2011!!!
Wishing you all the best,Jolanda

Wendy Kwok said...

This page is STUNNING, my friend! I adore your style... how you added textures!!! Pure eye candy!

Tanya Batrak said...

Wow Tomoko, very beautiful page! And so sunny! =)

hugs, Tanya

Lu Zischler said...

I loved your layout! I add your blog to my list of blogs. I always see your stunning works at creative Scrappers!
kisses from Brazil,

mammy said...