Having a fun time

Hi, guys. How's your weekend?:)
I had a great day yesterday, meeting Yuka for the first time. We talked about lots of scrapbooking and stuff:-> We both brought our daughter's with us and they seemed to get along quite well with each other too (well, actually they were getting along great!!! LOL)
Look at this! Yuka made me this fantastic birthday card for me!!!! Isn't this gorgeous or what? hehe
Thanks soooooo much, Yuka!!!

These are some pics of our daughters playing along and hugging each other:)

They were so adorable with each other, I took more than 400 pics yesterday!!! It didn't seem like they met for the first time!!! Hope we can see each other again soon. Too bad Yuka has to move next week....

Thank you so much, Yuka! We really had a good time!!
And thank you all for visiting my blog, and hope you have a great weekend!!!

BIG hugs,


Jolanda said...

Sweet pictures an a beautiful card!!!Very nice.
Have a good day!!

Tomoko said...


Very beautiful card:) And I really love the pics with the two of them!!!
Have a nice day to you too;)

Rita Barakat said...

Adorable pics Tomoko!!

Tomoko said...

Thanks Rita!
These two girls were so adorable with each other! hehe

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Yuka's card is beautiful :) Lucky girl !!